Religious & Non-Religious

Choosing the style of a funeral arrangement is as personal and unique as the individual themselves and a funeral arrangement can reflect those special qualities that defined the life of the deceased.

Whether the deceased is a devout and religious person planning a Religious Funeral according to the beliefs of their church and faith, or a spiritual person who practices their beliefs outside the traditions associated to a church, or even a person who chooses no religious belief at all; we as Funeral Directors accommodate all personal beliefs and wishes of the deceased and their family whether religious or not. All are welcome and all beliefs are accommodated and respected.

When preparing a funeral for a loved one there are many things to consider whether planning a Religious or Non-Religious Funeral and we at Pat O’Sullivan & Sons are here to help, advise and arrange the appropriate funeral ceremony according to the wishes of the deceased and their family.

Clergy & Civil Celebrants

We liaise with all (Religious) Clergy, and Church Bodies, or (Non-Religious) Civil Celebrants who will be reading or speaking at the Funeral Service.

Floral Tributes

We organise silk flowers or fresh flowers for the Funeral. We can provide a Coffin Spray of Flowers and individually lettered wreaths that can be either fresh flowers or silk flowers.

Music & Hymn Selection

We co-ordinate with organists and soloists to arrange music or hymns for the Funeral Ceremony. People can play their favourite music in the Funeral Home for a "Celebration of Life" ceremony or just a "Private Family Gathering" can be arranged.

Mass Booklets

Funeral Masses Only: We guide the family through the format of the Requiem Mass with our complimentary booklet for readings at the Funeral Mass.


We supply a modern fleet of Funeral Vehicles for the transportation of the deceased to the planned locations outlined in the Funeral Arrangements made with the Funeral Director.

Book of Condolences

We provide a "Book of Condolences" which can be signed by those attending the Funeral Ceremony.

Preparation & Repose of the Deceased

Once the body is embalmed by our Qualified Embalmer our Funeral Home is an open and inviting place for the repose of the deceased where both Religious and Non-Religious ceremonies can be arranged to be either "Open to the General Public" or an "Intimate and Private Ceremony" among family and close friends.

Death Announcements

We meet with the family to help write the death announcements for the local and national newspapers and radio stations as one wishes. We place a death announcement on the website where the announcement is immediately listed online.

Death Certificates

A Death Certificate is necessary in order to register a death. We provide all the contact details in relation to a Death Certificate. A signed Notification of Death by a doctor is required in order to obtain the Death Certificate for Registering the death at your local Registrar’s Office.

Credit Union

Some Credit Unions have Death Benefit Insurance for its members where a contribution can be paid towards funeral expenses. The Credit Union will require a Death Certificate and Funeral Account to process an application. Your Credit Union can advise you on the Death Benefit Insurance if available.


There are many considerations in funeral arrangements when considering the wishes of the deceased and their family. Though planning a funeral in advance is not the kind of plan one wants to think about while living the life, but as can be seen in the process of funeral planning that there are many options and choices that need to be made at the time of death and Funeral Pre-Planning can ease that burden.
Many of our customers, both family and individuals feel a sense of relief after a Funeral Pre-Planning Arrangement has been put in place.
No costs are required for a Funeral Pre-Planning.